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Damon Beaudry
     Artist Damon Beaudry is from Poughkeepsie, New York. He makes his art in his studio located 2 hours north of Manhattan. He is famous for his sketching, painting and mostly his glassblowing.  Damon finds inspiration from the many artists in the Hudson River Valley and has access to the art mecca of New York City.
     Damon has been drawing and painting his entire life. He has attended many private art schools and public colleges in New York. In 1999 Damon graduated from SUNY Columbia-Greene with an A.A. in Fine Art. From there he attended SUNY New Paltz. Damon graduated from SUNY Empire State with his Bachelors of Science in Fine Art, concentrating in drawing and painting.
     Damon's has shown his paintings in Brooklyn. Galleries and private companies all over the country commission Damon to show and sell his glassware. He is gaining notoriety in the Hudson Valley for his unique artistry and master glassblowing. He continues to find inspiration in his Hudson Valley surroundings.

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